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Fragrances, perfumes, and colognes should fit the season of the year, and truth be told, summer is the most demanding season of them all.

Summer scents need to be light, but stable, they need to be punchy but not too aggressive. And that is why making a winter fragrance is much easier, as summer demands balance but also a story.

In this post, we’re going to talk about what are the best summer colognes for men in 2024, what makes them the best out of the best, and how we picked them.

This 2024 has been a very tough year to decide which are the best summer fragrances for men because we still have a lot of fragrances that are old but gold, but we also have some surprisingly good fragrances that came out recently.

We tested exactly 124 fragrances, colognes, and perfumes, and crafted this list of the 25 best.

Small excerpt from our reviews

Our testing protocol:

  1. Every fragrance was tested 5 times on 5 different occasions — daytime outdoors, daytime indoors, office, nighttime outdoors, nighttime indoors
  2. Average performance and longevity were measured and documented
  3. A team of experts (including me) discussed perfume compositions but also trends in 2022

In order to make this list adaptable to anyone so anyone can find something for themselves, we separated fragrances in 4 different categories:

  1. Best New Releases — This category is for summer fragrances that came out in 2023/2024
  2. Best Men’s Niche Fragrances For Summer — best of niche perfumery in the last few years that are still popular and wanted in 2024
  3. Best Men’s Designer Fragrances For Summer — Best of designer fragrances in the last few years that are still in high demand and relevant in 2024
  4. All-Time Classic Summer Fragrances For Men — the name says it all, this is a hall of fame of summer fragrances for men category!

All fragrances and colognes mentioned on this list are without a doubt amazing, and most of them are safe blind buys. We did our best to give you a glimpse of every fragrance’s story and the scent itself, but if you need more information about the certain fragrance you can read the detailed reviews linked below, or if there’s no review for it, feel free to reach out to us, and we’re going to review it.

Fragrances and colognes listed below are not in a particular order as we believe that no one has the right to say that one piece of art is better than the other. You will like one painting but you won’t like the other — the same goes with fragrances.

Any of these 25 perfumes will most certainly serve you well, but in the end, it all depends on your personal taste. However, I’m personally sure that you will find what you will fall in love with on this list.

So what are the best summer fragrances and colognes for men in 2024?

Best New Summer Cologne for Men Released in 2023/2024

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Eau De Parfum

Buy Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Pour Homme Eau de Parfum

ScentFresh & Herbal
Concentrationeau de parfum
Longevity on average8 hours
Projection longevity4 hours
Projection in distance2-3 feet
Sillage strength7/10

You had to see this one coming!

Acqua Di Gio won as one of the best summer colognes the hearts and souls of absolutely everyone when it came out back in 1996 and as you probably know how it goes in the fragrance industry, the perfume got diluted over the years in order for flankers to get more attention.

After 26 years, we finally got a new Acqua Di Gio but this time as eau de parfum concentration. But does it smell like the original?

Acqua Di Gio Eau De Parfum definitely has original AdG DNA, and the main difference is that it has a more marine/herbal feel to it, rather than a citrusy burst from the original.

To me personally, this was far from disappointment – it smells fantastic and the entire scent has a marine, cold, fresh, and uplifting feel to it.

Definitely one of the safest blind buys today, a well-deserved spot in the list of best summer colognes for men, and a definite compliment-getter. You won’t get any closer to the original AdG than with this!

Since this is probably the safest blind buy on this list, if you want to learn more, make sure to check out our full Acqua Di Gio Eau de Parfum review!

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme Italian Love

Buy Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme Italian Love

ScentFresh, Fruity & Ozonic
Concentrationeau de toilette
Longevity on average7 hours
Projection longevity2 hours
Projection in distance2-3 feet
Sillage strength8/10

Even though it may sound like a meme, but new summer new D&G Light Blue flanker!

Jokes aside, Light Blue Italian Love was quite a surprise when I first got it as I expected this flanker to be… Well, boring.

However, my mind changed with the first spray and super citrusy grapefruit and bergamot opening, where after just 15 minutes, the beautiful, seductive, and ozonic scent dominated for hours and hours.

The entire composition is very masculine, clean with woody dry down and with a very recognizable grapefruit scent as the main note that dominates throughout the entire lifespan.

Light Blue Pour Homme Italian Love is non-offensive and safe to say mass appealing which means it’s a very safe blind buy or even a good present if you end up not liking it!

P.S. This is what I’m personally wearing this summer!

Light Blue Italian Love Pour Homme definitely has a lot of secrets, but you can learn more about that in our detailed review!

John Varvatos XX Artisan Teal

Buy John Varvatos XX Artisan Teal

ScentFresh & Ozonic
Concentrationeau de parfum
Longevity on average6 hours
Projection longevity2 hours
Projection in distance1-2 feet
Sillage strength5/10

Artisan Pure was the one on this list for past years, but now things have changed – XX Artisan Teal just can’t go unnoticed as John Varvatos really did an amazing job with this latest fragrance.

XX Artisan Teal is inspired by music and style, and by fresh and coastal vibes. So they say.

Truth be told, it lives up to expectations as it’s a fresh, playful, and moderately vibrant scent and it fits casual occasions perfectly.

It smells light, blue/aquatic and the fresh note of lemon combined with sea salt dominates the entire composition.

Performance could have been a bit better, but considering the price and how easy it is to wear this fragrance, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best newly released summer fragrances for men.

Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree

Buy Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree

ScentFresh Spicy, Citrusy
ConcentrationEau de Parfum
Longevity on average6 hours
Projection longevity3 hours
Projection in distance3 feet
Sillage strength6/10

Despite Eau Givree finding its spot on our list of best spring fragrances for men, this light citrusy composition simply couldn’t be ignored for summer vibes as well.

Eau Givree came out in 2022, and what makes this fragrance specific is actually a very simple notes pyramid where citron dominates the entire scent which is something that’s not so often seen in perfumery.

From the heights of the citrus accord, Eau Givree dries down through an absolutely gorgeous woody accord which is exactly the point where a masterpiece comes to the light – incredible blend, a rare combination, and a beautiful light scent.

Eau Givree is fresh, light, and perfect for high heat as a citrusy backbone will come as a great refreshment. It was a blind buy for me and it’s definitely a keeper!

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man Parfum

Buy Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man Perfum

ScentFruity, Fresh, Aromatic
Longevity on average10 hours
Projection longevity4-5 hours
Projection in distance3-4 feet
Sillage strength8/10

We already talked multiple times about how the original Club De Nuit Intense Man basically pushed Aventus aside, and now we get to witness another masterpiece in action – the Parfum version of CDNIM.

In difference to the original, CDNIM Parfum has much more depth and much better performance, and it’s clear that Armaf invested more in raw materials. You can even sense the smokiness we all loved so much in Aventus.

The main note remained to be grapefruit, but that awful synthetic presence that Armaf is known for is still there. However, I promise that if you just let it sit on your skin for 15-20 minutes, that synthetic and metallic scent will vanish and you will be left with a beautiful drydown that lasts literally the entire day.

If you liked the original CDNIM, then you will most surely love this one.

Also, I’d recommend checking out Club de Nuit Intense Man Parfum if you’re looking for that Aventus smokiness from old batches as there’s a good chance you will find it here!

Absolutely safe blind buy and a huge compliment-getter!

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Parfum

Buy Prada Luna Rossa Ocean

The fragrance with the latest release date on this list is another Prada Luna Rossa flanker and it’s called Ocean Eau de Parfum.

So far I didn’t manage to test this one out personally, but the reason why I included is the feedback from others in the communities. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive, but in general, based on the comments of others here’s a short review:

Seems like “Ocean” has nothing to do with the ocean, and the scent is ambery, much darker than Luna Rossa Ocean, and one could say sensual.

I believe that Prada wanted this fragrance to be a night-time, date-time version of Ocean, and according to comments, they pulled it off.

After we personally review this fragrance, this post will be updated with short summary of performance and details related to the scent.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Le Parfum

Buy Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Le Parfum EDP

ScentAmbery, Sweet, Tropical
ConcentrationEau de Parfum Intense
Longevity on average9 hours
Projection longevity3 hours
Projection in distance2-3 feet
Sillage strength5/10

Another sweet and woody fragrance on the list is the latest release from Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Beau Le Parfum.

It’s rare to find sweet summer scents that are not too heavy for high temperatures, and Le Beau Le Parfum definitely belongs to the group of sweet scents that can be easily worn during summer.

We always strive to keep this list of best summer fragrances for men versatile, so sweet fragrances need their spot, and in this case, what better than Le Beau Le Parfum?!

This beautiful masculine scent has the main note of coconut but that coconut has a citrusy grapefruit opening and tonka bean (earthy and mildly sweet tones) backbone.

It came out in 2022 and truth be told, I think it’s the biggest compliment-getter on this list.

Those around you privileged to sense this perfume will definitely mention it as the scent itself is intoxicating and very addictive.

If you’re looking for a date night fragrance, this just might be the perfect choice!

Best Summer Niche Colognes for Men

Tiziana Terenzi Kirke

Buy Tiziana Terenzi Kirke

ScentFruity, Sweet, Musky
Concentrationextrait de parfum
Longevity on average12+ hours
Projection longevity6 hours
Projection in distance4-5 feet
Sillage strength10/10

Ok, so this is my personal favorite.

Even though you will find reviews that say that Kirke is a more feminine scent, that it doesn’t work well during winter, and that it’s perfect for winter, I would hardly argue that.

I’ve been personally wearing Kirke since 2018, and after dozen of well-spent bottles, I’ll tell you this: Kirke is a monstrously good all-season pure-unisex fragrance. It does work during summer even though it’s sweet and if you get it, you will not go wrong with it, regardless of how high the temperature is outside.

Kirke was released in 2015 and just like the goddess it was named after, Circe, the fragrance represents a magical, sensual scent that is bound to guide you on mysterious paths in the discovery of your deepest emotions. 

Besides the breathtaking scent, Kirke also has a huge advantage over many other beautiful liquids which is a monstrously good performance. You can basically take a shower, and wash your clothes and Kirke will still be hanging in there. 

Kirke opens up with a prominent flowery-fruity bomb that is so professionally blended that only highly experienced noses will be able to detect a specific note.  

It’s a peach, pear, and raspberry sweet opening combination for me. 

The backbone is heavy in musk, but besides this animalic note, the patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood affected the evolution of this initially strong floral scent to a powdery, fresh, musky, and slightly woody composition. 

As I’ve said before, Kirke will be your great choice no matter the weather, season, or occasion; its versatility is beyond the boundaries with a veil of uniqueness wrapped around itself. That is why this fragrance is also on the list of best winter fragrances for men

Also, it is a very safe gift choice for both him and her since it is a unisex fragrance!

Want to know more about Tiziana Terenzi Kirke? Read our full review here!

Nishane EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ

Buy Nishane EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ

ScentFresh Spicy & Herbal
Concentrationextrait de parfum
Longevity on average10 hours
Projection longevity4 hours
Projection in distance3-4 feet
Sillage strength9/10

For every lover of strong, green, and spicy scents, by the house of Nishane, EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ, this high-quality fragrance with eternal longevity will make all your dreams come true. 

EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ is Extrait de parfum; that means that its concentration goes as high as 40%, which is why it will stick to your skin for eternity and you will need as little as 2 sprays to get the best of it. 

As soon as this perfume opens up, you get a very bright, tart, citrusy scent with an herbal undertone. It’s 70% citrusy and 30% herbal, but only in the opening. 

Since citrus notes are very short-lived, they quickly get replaced with earthy, vegetal, herbal aroma. It’s a fair balance between basil and mint. You also get hints of fresh spiciness from cardamom. 

The undertone is still green and herbal but also gets slightly soapy and aromatic.

The EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ is great for extremely hot weather, because of its minty side and monstrous performance. On the list of best summer colognes for men I recommend this daring fragrance for everyone who loves challenges and dangerous scents. 

Parfums de Marly Sedley

Buy Parfums de Marly Sedley

ScentCitrusy, Minty & Clean
Concentrationeau de parfum
Longevity on average10 hours
Projection longevity2 hours
Projection in distance2-3 feet
Sillage strength8/10

Unlike many Parfums de Marly scents that disappointed us with, let’s simply say, poor performance, it seems that the house of PDM actually heard our despair and decided to fix it up this time. 

It’s nice to mention that Sedley has no age limitations; younger guys can easily pull it off but it is not too youthful; it has a certain elegance to it so that more mature gentlemen will also enjoy its stunning scent. 

Besides that, Sedley will also do great if you decide to wear it to some formal event; it has that instinct note that will not embarrass you no matter where you go. 

A bunch of different citrus notes are present in the opening along with the cool touch of mint and they all work fantastic with one another. It is a clean, safe, likable type of scent with a light, green undertone, and an illustrious fresh vibe. 

As it evolves you will get lavender, rosemary, and a bit of geranium which aromatically affect the whole composition but the scent stays fresh and clean. In the dry-down, the liquid becomes more ambroxan-oriented with cashmere flavor; massively appealing, and really easy to wear. 

Creed Royal Water

Buy Creed Royal Water

ScentGreen & Ozonic
Concentrationeau de parfum
Longevity on average7 hours
Projection longevity1 hours
Projection in distance2-3 feet
Sillage strength7/10

Let’s be real, the list of best summer colognes for men can’t go without Creed.

Royal Water may be one of the most underrated Creed’s scents that has every reason to be adored and valued by the fragrance community. 

We will have to agree that Creed does offer numerous great, summer-heat scents and it becomes hard to track them all, but Rolay Water might turn out to be your hidden gem. 

Royal Water opens with citruses and mint so it is green, fresh, zingy, and bright right off the top. As it dries down you get juniper and basil which provides a green, herbal, fresh-spicy type of experience that combines with the residue of citruses. 

The final dry-down is slightly simpler, so it is mainly a musk note with Creed’s well-known Ambergris that they use in almost everything.

It may come across as a more mature fragrance and it gives off that powerful, gentlemanly vibes but if you are into spicy, fresh scents, no matter the age, you should go for it. 

One more detail – it is a great office scent as well. 

Byredo Gypsy Water

Buy Byredo Gypsy Water

ScentFresh, Light & Somewhat Powdery
Concentrationeau de parfum
Longevity on average6 hours
Projection longevity1 hours
Projection in distance2 feet
Sillage strength7/10

A great, cozy, and relaxing unisex fragrance that has an expensive-like scent and amazing versatility – Gypsy Water by Byredo is a fragrance that deserved all the hype it got. 

Byredo Gypsy Water opens with a lemon-bergamot citrusy strike with a significant effect of pepper spiciness. It’s a fresh, light, and soft opening with interesting composure and a very professional blend. 

As it dries down, very early on, the flavor goes into a woodier, incense, aromatic direction and becomes sweeter and powdery because of the amber and orris root nuances.

Besides its comforting, cheerful nature, Byredo Gypsy Water is a very versatile scent; an inoffensive, non-aggressive fragrance suitable for various kinds of occasions. 

Interested to know more about Byredo Gypsy Water? Check out our detailed review!

Xerjoff Mefisto Gentiluomo

Buy Xerjoff Mefisto Gentiluomo

ScentClean & Elegant
Concentrationeau de parfum
Longevity on average9 hours
Projection longevity3 hours
Projection in distance3-4 feet
Sillage strength9/10

Mefisto Gentiluomo is a flanker of Xerjoff Mefisto, and it’s from Xerjoff’s Casamorati line.

The scent is inspired by the vintage scent of perfumery and one could say it’s definitely a hidden gem. If you decide to grab this fragrance you can rest assured that no one will have it!

Mefisto Gentiluomo came out in 2018 and it totally lives up to the expectations of inspiration behind it. It smells classy, clean, and irresistibly elegant. Also, it’s safe to say, just like with any other Xerjoff’s perfume, it smells luxurious.

The vibe you might catch is the barbershop scent, and that’s because the first Mefisto Gentiluomo was created back in 1888 for traditional Italian barbers. Today’s fragrance is modernized of course, but the original DNA still lives.

The opening is full of lavender, the heart is violet & rose-heavy, and all that resides on the base of amber and musky. No need to say that the blend is incredible as we’re talking about Xerjoff.

This is a true gentleman’s fragrance, and if you want to leave such an impression, definitely make sure to check it out.

Best Summer Designer Cologne for Men 2024

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine

Buy Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine

ScentMarine & Aquatic
Concentrationeau de toilette
Longevity on average5 hours
Projection longevity1 hours
Projection in distance1-2 feet
Sillage strength5/10

One seriously great fragrance that is a great bang for the buck is Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine with an excellent price but a charming scent. 

Aqva Pour Homme Marine is a modern, classy fragrance that might come out as slightly “ordinary”, something that is already seen, but it is a nice, “blue”, marine scent that is very easy to like. 

The interesting side of this fragrance is its sweet-citrusy opening but it also balances the saltiness and sweetness very well. 

It’s important to say that Aqva Pour Homme Marine could easily pass as a Chanel fragrance; it has that cleanness, radiance, and snappiness that can be found in some Chanel creations. 

As it goes into the mid, you get prominent water notes along with seaweed that finishes the initial citrus with an aquatic, marine, fresh bomb. 

As the name suggests, it is a real “blue” fragrance specifically made for summer days, a very light perfume that would be great for daily office routines. 

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo – Fico di Amalfi

Buy Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo – Fico di Amalfi

ScentMarine & Woody
Concentrationeau de toilette
Longevity on average5 hours
Projection longevity1 hours
Projection in distance1-2 feet
Sillage strength5/10

It’s only fair to include Blu Mediterraneo – Fico di Amalfi on the list of best summer colognes for men since there aren’t really many high-quality, successful, fig-oriented scents, and this one is popular for a good reason.  

Fico di Amalfi isn’t the only fantastic summer scent in the Blu Mediterraneo line that stole our hearts, but its uplifting, fig-woody composition earned a special spot on this list.

Besides the citrusy opening created by bergamot and grapefruit, at the early stages, the gorgeous, milky fig elevates the whole scent into something unique and alluring. It is a fruity, sweet type of mixture that works well with a citrusy top and woody base.

As it dries down, it leans more towards a woody, even green type of smell with touches of fig still being detectable. 

Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi is also completely unisex, so if you are, by any chance, looking for the perfect scent for you and your partner, this is it! 

Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Forever Pour Homme

Buy Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Forever

ScentCitrusy & Ozonic
Concentrationeau de parfum
Longevity on average7 hours
Projection longevity1 hours
Projection in distance2 feet
Sillage strength6/10

Even though we already included Light Blue Italian Love, we just can’t avoid having Light Blue Forever in this list of the best summer fragrances for men.

If you had to choose only one fragrance from the Light Blue magnificent collection, your fingers would point right to the Light Blue Forever; 2021 release which has lots of amazing things to offer. 

Right from the beginning, it is important to emphasize that the citrus that is found in Light Blue Forever is not the sweet, easy-going type of citrus, and if you are gravitating toward that kind of citrus, you won’t find it here. 

The first spray will strike you with prominent grapefruit nuance; it’s zesty, sour, sweet, tart, and very realistic/natural. As it makes its way through the mid you get clean and woodsy vetiver with a light touch of violet leaf. 

Surprisingly, the initial grapefruit hangs in there for a long time until the vetiver finally overtakes the grapefruit in a deep dry-down. 

The overall scent is very pleasant with ozonic tones throughout its performance; very unique and fresh, something you definitely want to have during summer heats. 

Dior Homme Sport

Buy Christian Dior Dior Homme Sport

ScentFresh Spicy & Woody
Concentrationeau de toilette
Longevity on average8 hours
Projection longevity2 hours
Projection in distance2-3 feet
Sillage strength7/10

Dior Homme Sport is the latest flanker from the Homme line, and it came out at the very end of 2021.

Since then, this has been my personal go-to summer fragrance.

The scent is very sharp, fresh spicy, and punchy, but the woody drydown is just magnificent.

Safe to say, very masculine scent that will not go unnoticed by the ones sensing it on you.

The dominant note is lemon, especially in the opening, but after the initial opening, it starts developing that woody backbone while going through pepper and elemi notes.

When I was updating this list for 2024, I was surprised that I didn’t include this magnificent fragrance last year, but maybe even better – I got to wear it for the entire summer last year, and whenever I catch over 68°F weather, I still wear it.

Amazing for any type of social event and it goes great with formal events as well. This isn’t a boy’s scent, but a truly masculine and sharp man’s fragrance. Also, very safe blind buy!

Want to learn more about this masculine beast? Check out our full Dior Homme Sport review!

Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua (2018)

Buy Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua

ScentMarine & Aquatic
Concentrationeau de toilette
Longevity on average6 hours
Projection longevity2 hours
Projection in distance2 feet
Sillage strength6/10

Last but not least in this category of the best men’s designer fragrances for summer is a rebirth, or should we say Paco Rabanne’s comeback to aquatic fragrance orientation with the newish release of Invictus Aqua 2018 since the previous 2015 version was discounted.

According to many fragrance lovers, including myself, Invictus Aqua 2018 is a better, upgraded, and more pleasant version of 2016. 

The opening greets you with a prominent grapefruit note and right from the first spray it provides a marine, aquatic vibe that stays distinctive throughout the whole experience. 

As the citrus fades out quickly,  the woodier nuances from the heart and the base take the spotlight and you get a soft, woody, and fresh overtake. 

A nuance of violet is also detectable at certain points but besides being slightly powdery with amber inclusion, the scent is very ozonic, clean, marine, and blue. 

A great option for boring summer heat when you need a refreshing poison to keep you in your best mood!

Most Popular Summer Cologne for Men 2024

Nautica Voyage

ScentGreen & Fresh
Concentrationeau de toilette
Longevity on average6 hours
Projection longevity1 hours
Projection in distance2 feet
Sillage strength6/10

Probably one of the best deals on the market currently – Nautica Voyage, a fragrance that brings a high-quality liquid for a cheaper price and lots of compliments from the feminine side.

Nautica Voyage was the first on Amazon’s bestsellers for some time and it was all for a good reason. It is a mass-appealing scent with great versatility in terms of occasions, a fresh bomb that will get women’s attention and make them fall in love with your perfume. 

Right from the opening, you get a sharp, green aroma from the apple and green leaves. It is like a clean, after-shower scent but in a positive, enjoyable way. 

As it dries down, you get more of a fruity-floral mixture but it is still fresh, airy, and clean, slightly powdery and aquatic because of the lotus and mimosa from the heart. 

There have been some rumors that Nautica Voyage has been reformulated and there is some truth to it. Even if it happened, for the price you pay you get a magnificent, lovable scent that can be your summer signature perfume. 

Want to know more about Nautica Voyage? Read our in-depth review!

Dior Sauvage

ScentFresh Spicy & Aromatic
Concentrationeau de toilette
Longevity on average8 hours
Projection longevity3 hours
Projection in distance3-4 feet
Sillage strength8/10

Well, I’m sure you saw this one coming.

Like it or not, Dior Sauvage definitely deserved its spot in the category of all-time classic summer fragrances for men.

Why? Because:

  1. It’s one of the most mass-appealing fragrances in the world
  2. It’s one of the most popular fragrances in the world
  3. Performance, scent, and price are incredibly well balanced

With Dior Sauvage you simply cannot go wrong and if nothing from this list caught your eye, then you might just want to go with the safest possible option and get Sauvage.

What more to say about it? Solid performance, beautiful fresh spicy, sexy, and masculine (yet, non-offensive) scent, able to adapt to almost any occasion. You can literally wear it from church to AC/DC concerts.

Bear in mind that even though performance is still solid, it’s not what it used to be when it came out. I know, I don’t like that idea as well, but it’s simply how designer houses operate.

Still, Dior Sauvage is probably the best buy option even after all these years.

If you want to learn more about this fragrance, the differences between other versions, and recent changes, make sure to check out our full Dior Sauvage EDT review!

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profondo

Buy Acqua Di Gio Profondo

ScentCitrusy, Fresh & Aquatic
Concentrationeau de parfum
Longevity on average7 hours
Projection longevity2 hours
Projection in distance2-3 feet
Sillage strength7/10

If you have smelled the original Acqua di Gio fragrance, then you know what to expect; Acqua di Gio Profondo takes the good part of the original’s DNA release but gets stronger and essentially modernizes it. 

It is a bluer version of the original Acqua di Gio but besides that, it is an attention grabber, very likable, and will surely get you many compliments. So, in 2022 it replaces the original Acqua Di Gio‘s place on the list of best summer fragrances for men.

Acqua di Giò Profondo is very juicy, green, and fresh. Besides bergamot and mandarin, the sea notes and aquazone give you an aquatic, marine vibe right from the opening. 

From the early stage, there is a bit of fuzzy mineral accord that sits underneath the opening notes and always stays calmly present; not overpowering or super strong but it is detectable. 

As it further evolves you get some rosemary, lavender, and mastic nuances that combined with the sea top notes, create a green, pleasant, fresh aroma. That aromatic mixture pretty much remains the same for the rest of the fragrance lifecycle. 

Interested to know more about this incredible sea-reminding scent? Read our full Acqua Di Gio Profondo review!

Montblanc Explorer

Buy Montblanc Explorer EDP

ScentFruity, Fresh & Woody
Concentrationeau de parfum
Longevity on average6 hours
Projection longevity2 hours
Projection in distance1-2 feet
Sillage strength7/10

One of the reasons why Montblanc Explorer gained so much popularity right after it was released in 2019, is the fact that some consumers find it offensively similar to Aventus, and we love expensive-like perfumes with affordable prices. 

Even though Aventus is a famous victim of many clones, Montblanc Explorer took some DNA from Aventus and added its own charms to it that turned out to be fantastically good. 

Montblanc Explorer smells like a fresh, spicy, and warm welcoming scent, that gains a noticeable leathery and woody effect once it dries down. Very pleasant and accessible fragrance, with a synthetic backbone.

The spiciness and warmness that comes from pink pepper and clary sage can also be validated, but it’s not a very strong and easily noticeable smell, though it gives that quirky and funny note to the whole composition of the fruity opening.

Montblanc Explorer is a very pleasant fragrance, very likable, and can also be a great complement factor, and what is really worth the respect, is that this fragrance does not smell like a typical designer fragrance, at all. 

It has a secret aura around itself and it’s not pretending to be something that it’s not – and that’s why it proudly holds the spot on the best summer fragrances for men list.

Interested to know more about Montblanc Explorer? Read our full review!

Chanel Allure Sport Eau Extreme

Buy Chanel Allure Sport Eau Extreme

ScentFresh & Sporty
Concentrationeau de toilette
Longevity on average7 hours
Projection longevity2 hours
Projection in distance2-3 feet
Sillage strength6/10

An exquisite and brilliant all-year-round signature scent that you can treat yourself with. Definitely, an ultra-versatile fragrance that can pull off the high summer heat, colder, fall days, and any night-based occasion as well. 

Allure Sport Eau Extreme used to be an EDT but recently, new batches are reformulated and have an EDP mark. As suspicious humans as we are, the community was easily scared away thinking that the newish release won’t be as good as EDT, but we were all wrong. 

Allure Sport Eau Extreme EDP easily fought its way to the list of best summer fragrances for men.

In the opening, you get a fresh, minty flavor that cools you off with its invigorating, sensual touch. Right from the opening, you get aromatic vibes from cypress and sage and it stays noticeable throughout the whole experience. 

As it goes through the mid you get fresh spiciness from pepper while the final dry-down is more tonka-focused with a vanilla-woody backbone. 

Want to know more about Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme? Read our full review!

How To Choose The Best Summer Fragrance For You?

The best way to choose the best summer fragrance for you or even for him (if you’re buying a present) is to go out to a local perfumery and test some of these out.

Testing the fragrance before buying it is the ultimate way to choose the fragrance because the chances that you go wrong with it are minimal.

When it comes to choosing the actual fragrance, here are a few tips:

  • Think about what notes you like and what you don’t like
  • Consider for which occasion are you looking the fragrance
  • Do you need daytime or nighttime scent?
  • Do you want it to be extremely potent or subtle?

Once you figure out the answers to these questions, you will most certainly be able to pick one of the fragrances from this list of best summer fragrances for men.


Summer brings light scents such as lemon, mandarin, vetiver, jasmine, and others. This list of best summer fragrances for men is compiled in such a way that everyone can find what they’re looking for while being sure they are getting the best out of the best.

All fragrances mentioned above are personally tested by me and my team, and this is updated every year.

Few posts we recommend reading to gain better knowledge about perfumes and colognes that may help pick your next fragrance:

What’s your favorite summer fragrance or cologne? Do you think we should include something in this 2024 list?

Let’s talk in the comments!

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