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Dior Sauvage is definitely the fragrance that left its mark on the industry and it most certainly remains one of the best sellers today.

Johnny Depp in the desert being… Well, Johnny Depp – playing guitar in the desert while Native American is dancing… Even though the campaign was pulled due to appropriation of Native culture, that’s the impression house Dior wanted you to have – a fragrance that is one with Earth, soul, and nature, but still very modern.

dior sauvage edt
© Image credit and owner: Fourth Sense

Francois Demachy from the house of Christian Dior is a mastermind who created Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette in 2015 and it skyrocketed, becoming the best-selling fragrance ever since.

Even now in 2023, regardless of changes it went through over the years, Sauvage still managed to find its way to our list of best spring fragrances for men in 2023 and in best summer fragrances for men in 2023, and we can say it holds that spot proudly!

In this article, we’re going to review Dior Sauvage as best as we can so you can get the complete picture of the fragrance before deciding is it for you.

What Does Sauvage Dior Smell Like?

Dior Sauvage is a fresh, spicy, and classic men’s fragrance with a hint of wilderness. It opens with strong pepper and Calabrian bergamot top notes. The heart features a mix of geranium, lavender, and other spices, leading to a drydown of vetiver and woody notes. While similar to other popular men’s scents, its unique blend offers a recognizable and widely appealing aroma. Over time, Sauvage has evolved, becoming less aggressive and more refined in its newer variants.

Straight out of the bottle, Dior Sauvage smells like a fresh, adventurous, spicy, classic man fragrance, but at the same time, it’s not something you didn’t smell before, so don’t expect much in terms of uniqueness.

It does smell like a manly, wild, and sexy fragrance, but a lot of people get reminded of Bleu De Chanel, Versace Dylan Blue, and Prada Luna Rosa Carbon.

However, Sauvage has its own uniqueness – it’s similar to others, but if you’re to be blindfolded and you get to smell these ones, you would easily figure out which one is Sauvage.

If you can imagine classic men’s fragrance with a tiny bit of wilderness in it, that’s what Dior Sauvage smells like.

Notes used in the creation of this fragrance are commonly seen in men’s fragrances but a different blend in them gives Sauvage a recognizable scent. Those would be (1):

  • Top notes: Pepper, Calabrian Bergamot
  • Heart notes: Geranium, Lavander, Vetiver, Patchouli, Sichuan pepper, Pink pepper, Elemi
  • Base notes: Labdanum, Cedar, Ambroxan

When you spray it you can immediately smell the pepper. It’s so strong, that I have a feeling that molecules of the pepper are just buzzing through the air in all directions like they are radioactive.

If you are not nose-blind to the scent of bergamot (which the majority of people are) you will definitely see that Sauvage is really bergamot heavy even though I don’t think there is real bergamot in the notes — it’s aroma chemical manipulated to smell like bergamot.

That is perfectly fine since fragrance houses often use these because they are cheaper and can make the fragrance more affordable. Also, aroma chemicals are used when perfumers need a certain note to have different performances – in this case, real bergamot is a more soft citrusy note that’s not going to give you that smash through the air that the perfumer wants you to feel, so they replaced real bergamot with aroma chemical.

As it dries down, it becomes drier, where you start to feel pepper combined with lavender, but these notes were combined so well that you start smelling some sweet fruity punch from the background. Fascinating, as I don’t find this fragrance to be sweet at all in general.

Right after the heart of the fragrances reaches its peak and starts slowly declining towards the base, Sauvage becomes dry as vetiver starts kicking in – it’s still pepper dominant, woody (with a bit of tobacco note I’d say), and compliment getter that’s gonna last for hours on your skin.

In general, Sauvage is super safe but also a very masculine fragrance made to be likable and non-offensive.

The first batches of Sauvage Dior had more aggressiveness in the scent, but as Sauvage EDP, Sauvage Parfum and Sauvage Elixir came out, EDT was, in my opinion, a bit reformulated where that sharpness was taken away a bit.

© Image credit and owner: Fourth Sense

How Long Does Dior Sauvage Last?

On average, the latest batches of Dior Sauvage last for 7-9 hours, and projection is really good for the first 3 hours.

Sillage is also very strong, and the scent will definitely stay in the air after you.

In the first days of Sauvage EDT, this thing was out of this world, lasting over 10 hours and projecting for at least 5 hours. However, something we all saw previously, especially in designer perfumery, over time, stuff gets reformulated. Even though there are no official news about this, people simply notice that performance decayed.

When testing the last batch of 2022, I definitely see that it’s not as potent as it was, but still, EDT concentration with this price point, I’d say that 8 hours before becoming a skin scent and 3 hours of projection is a really good bang for the buck.

You will still get feets and feets of projection, and you will still leave a really impressive trail behind you with Sauvage Dior EDT, but it will just last a bit shorter if you’re used to old formulations.

If you’re trying it for the first time, rest assured, the performance of Dior Sauvage will be the last thing you’ll think about as it will meet all your expectations.

Performance always played a huge role in making this fragrance a best seller and it’s definitely one of the reasons why so many people like it. Saying that I’m pretty sure that Dior house won’t take good performance from Sauvage in years to come.

If you’re experiencing a couple of hours of longevity, try following some of our tips on how to make the fragrance last longer.

When To Wear Dior Sauvage?

The best time to wear Dior Sauvage is on warm spring and summer days, where its non-offensiveness will work perfectly as a daytime fragrance for any type of event.

Dior Sauvage can be a perfect signature scent, it can be an amazing office/work type of fragrance, but it can also impress your significant other on Sunday brunch.

There’s really no rule here when it comes to this amazing fragrance. It fits perfectly in every event and it will most definitely leave awesome first impressions.

I would suggest you avoid wearing it during colder days as low temperatures won’t let it open properly which also means that performance will be very poor. For night-time events, I would suggest picking Sauvage EDP instead.

dior sauvage in natural notes
Photo credit: Dior

How Many Sprays of Dior Sauvage is Enough?

3-5 sprays of Sauvage Dior is just enough to get the most out of this fragrance, but if you feel you need more feel free to spray more as Sauvage isn’t the type of fragrance you can overspray.

The general guideline for best performance is to get 2 on the sides of the neck, and if you want it to keep the smell longer on you, spray 2 more times on your chest or shoulder. Fragrances always linger more on your clothes than on your skin but they never open properly on clothes.

Just make sure you don’t apply over 3 sprays on the same spot as that will make it harder for the fragrance to open up and dry down to the base notes.

You can also check out our ultimate guide on how to apply perfume properly for the best performance!

Should I Wear Dior Sauvage? Is It For Me?

If you are a man who has no problem with people knowing you entered the room before they saw you, and if you are a man who loves expressing his masculinity then yes, Dior Sauvage EDT is definitely for you.

Of course, not only do those two rules define if the Sauvage is the right fragrance for you.

You must have in mind that this fragrance is a top seller since 2015 when it was created and that a lot of men out there have it, so there’s a good chance that people around will recognize it and might comment something like “Oh, you smell like my brother/boyfriend/ex/friend, etc.“. So if you are okay with smelling like lots of men out there, then go ahead, but if you’re more into smelling unique, then Sauvage might not be the best choice for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Sauvage is mostly not for folks who don’t like interacting with people and getting a lot of attention. I’m saying that because Sauvage Dior will do just that – it will let everyone know that you smell good, it will spike interest in people to approach you and ask you about your smell and most certainly it will get your attention.

So altogether, if you like the fresh, sexy, and manly fragrance but you also want it to be pretty safe which will make sure that most people like it, then yes, Dior Sauvage is a great choice for that.

It’s no secret that women adore Dior Sauvage. There were a lot of social experiments where guys would get thoughts of girls they never met before, and 8/10 of women always say that Sauvage is definitely one of the best fragrances they ever smelled.

But is Sauvage Dior unisex? Can a woman wear it?

The house of Christian Dior declared Sauvage to be men’s fragrances, not unisex. However, it’s known that many women prefer wearing men’s fragrances, so if you are a woman who seeks masculine perfume, Sauvage Dior can serve that purpose.

What’s The Difference Between Dior Sauvage EDT, EDP, Parfum, and Elixir?

In 2015 Dior released Sauvage which was EDT, meaning it had 10-20% of etheric oil and 80-90% of alcohol. 3 years later they released Eau De Parfum (EDP) version which also turned out to be an amazing fragrance, but nowhere near close to EDT. Year after that, in 2019, Dior released Sauvage Parfum, which I believe was a total miss. Finally, in 2021, the Sauvage line got Elixir. So what would be the differences between them?

The difference between Sauvage EDT, EDP, Parfum, and Elixir is pretty big but they all target the same wilderness and idea Dior is advertising.

The main differences:

ScentLongevityNight/Day?Best Occasion
Sauvage EDTLight, clean, bergamot oriented7-9 hoursDayWork
Sauvage EDPFresh, vibrant, grapefruit oriented8-10 hoursBothAll
Sauvage ParfumRobust, sweet, woods oriented7 hoursNightDate
Sauvage ElixirAnimalistic, spicy, radiant, lavender oriented10+ hoursNightDate/Club

Since Parfum was a huge disappointment for the entire industry (actually it was one of the most hated fragrances in 2019), Dior fixed that by releasing Sauvage Elixir in 2021, and boy did they make things right!

In difference to previous flankers, Sauvage Elixir contains that original Sauvage DNA but you can smell it after a few hours. It’s super concentrated, beast mode performance, and in terms of scent, it’s way more animalistic and “aggressive” than EDT, EDP, or Parfum.

If you want to learn more about Elixir, how it actually smells, what performance is based on our tests and what would you need it for, definitely check out our full Dior Sauvage Elixir review!

Currently, in 2023, Dior Sauvage Elixir is the best buy out of all fragrances from the Sauvage line.

Where To Buy Dior Sauvage

The best places to buy Dior Sauvage are local perfumeries which are the authorized reseller of Dior fragrances, or if you’re buying online then the best places are Fourth Sense Shop, Amazon, FragranceNet, FragranceX, and Dior’s official website.

It’s always smartest to buy fragrances in physical stores — perfumeries who are the authorized reseller of the brand, because that way you get the benefit of trying out the fragrance first and then decide should you buy it.

However, Sauvage Dior is an extremely safe blind buy and chances that you’re not loving it are almost impossible. Saying that, if you want your bottle of Dior Sauvage to arrive at your home directly, I would personally recommend Fourth Sense Shop – we partnered with the most reliable and trustworthy wholesalers and managed to get the price as low as possible.

dior sauvage promotional photo of bottle

Another trustworthy source is FragranceNet as you can rest assured that you are getting the original bottle. I bought fragrances from them many times and they were always good with their service. The only downside is that they can be a bit expensive.

Right next to FragranceNet, there are resellers on Amazon with very strong background that sell original Dior Sauvage, so you can get it from there as well.

Prices may vary between Amazon and FragranceNet but so does the shipping.

If you’re still on the fence, that’s perfectly fine as you can get the sample and test Sauvage for yourself to see if it’s for you or not – the best place to grab a sample is from MicroPerfumes. They have great prices, and they are pretty fast.

Besides other trustworthy sources for buying perfumes online, an alternative for buying Sauvage Dior is Dior’s official website.

Whichever source out of these you pick, rest assured that you will get an original bottle, without needing to worry about scams and fake versions.

Always be super careful when buying fragrances online, and use trusted sources like the ones mentioned above. Fake fragrances are not dermatologically tested and can cause serious health problems.

Packaging and sizes

Dior Sauvage comes in a beautifully designed blue bottle that becomes more and more transparent towards the bottom. It has a heavy magnetic cap which gives it that premium feeling in the hands.

© Image credit and owner: Fourth Sense

It’s produced in 3 different sizes:

  • 2 oz / 60 ml
  • 3.4 oz / 100 ml
  • 6.7 oz / 200 ml

Like most of the folks, I started with a 60 ml bottle, but after that went out pretty fast, I have a 200ml bottle of this beautiful manly beast in my collection, which I’d advise you to get as well!


Dior Sauvage won the hearts of many people out there ever since 2015, which made it one of the best-selling fragrances in the world. Women love the sexy scent it gives and men love it because it smells like confidence!

A very complex mix of notes was the masterpiece of Francois Demachy who managed to blend it all together and give the pepper advantage. He said that he “used man as his starting point. A strong and unmistakable masculinity.” so if you identify yourself as the one, then this fragrance is definitely for you!

You can wear it any time you like, as it will fit perfectly day or night, spring or fall, summer or winter.

It remains the game-changer in men’s fragrances and I look forward to you trying it on yourself!

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  1. Bro i love the smell of it, I just bought one, batch code September 2021

    It smells very good but very weak and the performance its awful, after 30 mins I can barely smell it.

    Did they change something to it?

    1. Hey Luci!

      As far as I know, nothing has changed — designers big as this one shouldn’t have batch oscillations. Anyways, mine is almost out, so I’ll definitely grab a new bottle within few weeks, and update the article if it turns out to be any different from what I had so far.

      Thanks for the comments!


  2. Hey man, great review.

    I was always confused about what that initial top note was. I LOVE it, and now I know that it is the pepper.

    I too have performance issues with my 2021 batch. It is verified legitimate yet I can barely smell it off my wrist after 3 hours. Just a faint wisp.

    Did you happen to get a new bottle and test the “new” performance for yourself?

    1. Thank you, Joseph, I appreciate it! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get my hands on the 2021 batch, but will do in a couple of days — thanks for reminding me! I’ll update the article straight away and send you an email! Thanks!

        1. I can confirm 2020 onwards batches ate super weak
          I am just schocked

          I have edt edp and parfum and all three last hour or two and pufffff it’s gone

          I had sauvage edt in 2016 amd it was one of the strongest designer scents ever

          Day and night change

          1. 100%. I had a large sample of Sauvage EDT back in 2018 and the compliments were daily. I literally (as in literally) had a woman with a boyfriend bury her head in my chest, inhale deeply, and say “You smell soooo good”. Didn’t take things further on man-code.

            I bought a large bottle of the EDT and to me it’s completely different. Weaker, not at all long lasting, but more importantly, that “X” factor is gone. After some research I see EDT has been “reformulated”. I had to take it back and get something else because I felt ripped off.

            RIP EDT

  3. i bought the dec 21 batch also its not performing at all barely 30 min after applying lot of sprays its gone in an hour
    i bought from doha airport

    1. Are you sure you bought the original Dior Sauvage? Few airports including Doha’s, are notorious for selling fakes… Either way, thank you for the information and for the comment!

  4. I never purchase costly fragrances normally but in support of Johnny Depp, I got some. Surprisingly it is very nice.

  5. Can women wear dior sauvage,coz i love the smell and i got it,just confuse if many women wearing it?

  6. The latest 2022 batches have a different formula code compared to the one since the first batches which implies reformulation, the projection isn’t as strong and the duration of the projection is as short as 2 hours. I’ve judged as per asking others, can anyone share their experience?

  7. sad to say because I love the fragrance but it too only last like 30-45 minutes and then it’s gone. Homme EDP last a very long time, hours of awesome fragrance

  8. I find it has something in it that gives me a headache, similar to when fumes from industrial chemicals are inadvertently inhaled. The dry down is nice, but the initial thick, heaviness of the first sprays is overpowering and makes you almost dizzy. I don’t agree that you can’t over spray it – on the contrary, I was asked to stop wearing it at work, due this very thing. I was drowning anyone who passed in the aggressive sillage, so I definitely think it can offend some delicate noses. Heady, thick is how I’d describe it. If it was a colour, I’d say it was a powdery deep purple.

  9. Thank you for this insightful review of Sauvage Dior for Men in 2023! It’s always a pleasure to read your thorough analysis of fragrances. Sauvage has been a timeless classic, and your review reassures me that it’s still on top, as expected. Your detailed description of its notes, longevity, and overall impression helps me make an informed decision. I’m looking forward to trying it out, thanks to your guidance! Keep up the excellent work, and I can’t wait for more reviews like this.

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