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Drawing from nature’s most beautiful symbol of love, the rose, Mancera has sought to confine its ethereal beauty and charm with ROSES VANILLE. The ‘Queen of Flowers’ has long been an inspiration for poets, artists, and now, perfumers. The nose behind ROSES VANILLA is Pierre Montale, who has over 170 fragrances in his portfolio. 

So, I was very excited to try it as I have always admired the warmth, comfort, and sweetness of vanilla. The choice to pair vanilla with rose could’ve been erratic, but let’s see it as a deliberate attempt to balance the striking, fresh aura of the rose with the sweetness of vanilla. 


The moment I laid my eyes on the ROSES VANILLE box, I could sense the exclusiveness of the perfume inside. Mancera brings great aesthetic value to the box with subtle gold detailing and an elegant minimalist design that oozes luxury. A sturdy and delicate glass flacon inside the box does make a great first impression, but what about the fragrance itself?

Floral gourmands can turn out too sweet, intense, and complex, but if the notes hit right, they can also make you a confident, bold, and sexy woman. Let’s find out if this eau de parfum concentration delivers on its promises.

What Does ROSES VANILLE Smells Like?

ROSE VANILLE by MAncera opens very strongly, and you can sense the soft roses, but the highlight is the creamy vanilla that makes it very sweet and sugary after settling. After an hour or so, you can hardly smell any floral hint, and all you are left with is a cozy, sweet, and slightly musky aroma.

  • Lemon 
  • Water Notes
  • Rose
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla 
  • White Musk
  • Cedar

Top Notes: First Sniff Experience

Lemon and Water Notes- The moment ROSES VANILLE graces the skin, there’s an immediate burst of freshness. This invigorating sensation is like the first breath of air on a crisp morning or the initial splash of cool water on your face, awakening the senses and piquing curiosity. But the top notes of lemon and water quickly fade away with a sweet undertone of creamy vanilla that becomes more pronounced as the fragrance evolves.

Heart Notes: The Core of the Fragrance

Rose and Sugar-  As the effervescent top notes started to fade, I immediately sensed the heart of ROSES VANILLE quite literally bloom. Here, the majestic rose takes center stage. The rose, with its myriad of interpretations in perfumery, is presented in a manner that is both authentic and innovative in this fragrance.

The rose in ROSES VANILLE is lush and velvety, exuding an aroma that is rich and intense without being overwhelming. I found a sense of freshness reminiscent of dew-kissed petals in a serene garden at dawn. This freshness is harmoniously juxtaposed with a deep, almost wine-like richness, evoking images of velvety rose petals deepening in hue as they unfurl.

But the rose does not stand alone. Complementing its floral beauty is the subtly sweet sugar. It doesn’t overpower but instead gently melds with the rose, providing a creamy backdrop that amplifies the flower’s natural sweetness. It’s kind of like the perfect balance between floral and gourmand, creating a heart that is both comforting and exhilarating.

Base Notes: The Lasting Impression

Vanilla, White Musk, Sugar, & Cedar- As the radiant heart of rose and sugar begins to settle, the base notes come forward, offering depth, warmth, and longevity. Here, the rich undertones of precious woods and resins become more pronounced. These elements ground the fragrance, adding a dimension of sophistication and complexity. There’s a hint of cedar, a golden, warm note that adds a touch of luxury and sensuality to the blend. This woody note, combined with the soft, creamy traces of vanilla, make this one of the best winter fragrances.

There’s also a touch of white musk, a timeless ingredient in perfumery, which lends ROSES VANILLE a subtly seductive edge. Musk, with its velvety, skin-like aroma, enhances the natural scent of the wearer, making the fragrance deeply personal and intimate.

How Long Does ROSES VANILLE Last?

When it comes to investing in a premium fragrance, one of the most sought-after attributes is undoubtedly its staying power. A perfume’s longevity dictates how long its aromatic journey will accompany us, and with ROSES VANILLE by Mancera, this journey is both memorable and long-lasting.

Source: fragrantica.com

An EDP, on average, lasts up to 4 to 5 hours, but surprisingly, I found ROSES VANILLE lingering on me for a commendable 6 to 7 hours. But I won’t be surprised if someone experiences its presence beyond that, too, since factors like skin type, humidity, and individual body chemistry can play a role in this variance. Yet, even as the hours pass and the intensity of the fragrance might wane slightly, its essence remains, leaving a sugary soft trail of vanilla that continues to dazzle.

Sillage: The Trail It Leaves Behind

With ROSES VANILLE by Mancera, the sillage is distinctive and captivating, leaving an unforgettable mark on everyone you meet(or even pass).

From the very first spritz, ROSES VANILLE asserts itself with confidence. The fragrance doesn’t shout but rather whispers, ensuring its presence is felt without overwhelming the senses. It’s a balanced sillage, neither overpowering nor too faint, striking the perfect chord between subtlety and assertiveness.

As you move, ROSES VANILLE leaves behind an aromatic trail rich with the essence of roses and the comforting warmth of vanilla. It’s also worth noting that the sillage is remarkably consistent. As the fragrance evolved on my skin, transitioning from its top notes to its heart and base, the sillage maintained its character. The rose and vanilla notes remained prominent, ensuring that the fragrance’s signature was consistent and memorable.


The right fragrance is like the perfect outfit. It sets the mood, defines your presence, and, most importantly, complements the event’s ambiance. With its harmonious blend of elegance and warmth, ROSES VANILLE by Mancera offers versatility that makes it suitable for various occasions. 

  1. Romantic Evenings

The lush roses and creamy vanilla make this aroma a top choice for romantic occasions. Whether it’s a candlelit dinner, a moonlit walk, or an intimate evening at home, this fragrance adds a layer of allure and intimacy. The gentle sillage ensures that you draw your partner closer, making memories that last a lifetime.

  1. Special Celebrations

Be it a birthday, an anniversary, or a milestone achievement, ROSES VANILLE lends an air of sophistication and joy to celebrations. Its radiant aroma elevates your presence, ensuring you’re the center of attention, celebrated not just for the occasion but also for your impeccable taste in fragrances.

  1. Daily Wear in Winters

While it’s luxurious and rich, ROSES VANILLE may come out intense and strong for summer, and that same reason also makes it a delightful choice for daily wear in winter. It is right up there with other sweet, intense EDPs such as Viktor &Rolf Bonbon as our top recommendations for winters

  1. Seasons of Bloom

Usually, gourmands can be worn year-round, but ROSES VANILLE especially shines in the spring and autumn. In spring, the rose notes complement the blooming world outside, while in autumn, the vanilla adds warmth to the crisp air.

Overall, ROSES VANILLE by Mancera has a versatile and balanced profile, ensuring it adapts and complements many occasions. I would not recommend it on warm days, but if you want an aromatic signature that is both recognized and remembered, you can wear it anywhere yearlong.

Is it worth investing in ROSES VANILLE?

ROSES VANILLE falls in a similar price segment as most other EDP concentrates for women. And even if it has an enticing aroma, discerning consumers like myself seek value, longevity, and an overall experience that justifies the investment. 

ROSES VANILLE, like other offerings from Mancera, belongs to the niche segment of perfumery. This category is characterized by exclusivity, unique scent profiles, and, often, a higher price point compared to mainstream fragrances. The cost is reflective of several factors:

  • Quality of Ingredients: Mancera sources some of the finest ingredients worldwide. The rich roses, the creamy vanilla, and other components in ROSES VANILLE are of premium quality, ensuring a superior olfactory experience.
  • Craftsmanship: Creating a niche fragrance is an art. It’s not about mass production but curating a scent that stands out. The expertise of Pierre Montale that goes into every bottle of ROSES VANILLE plays a significant role in its pricing.
  • Exclusivity: If you own a bottle of ROSES VANILLE, you are now part of an exclusive club. This sense of uniqueness and distinction adds to its value proposition.

In conclusion, while ROSES VANILLE by Mancera comes at a premium price point, its value proposition is strong. For someone like me, who sees fragrances not just as scents but as experiences, an extension of my personality, and investments in luxury, ROSES VANILLE offers a compelling blend of quality, exclusivity, and emotional resonance.

Where to Buy ROSES VANILLE by Mancera

In the vast realm of luxury fragrances, ensuring authenticity is paramount. The market is full of imitations and knock-offs, which might seem alluring with their reduced price tags but are a far cry from the original in terms of quality, longevity, and olfactory experience. Thus, when seeking to purchase ROSES VANILLE by Mancera, it’s essential to prioritize genuine sources that promise not just the product but also the authenticity and experience associated with the brand.


  • Fourthsense– Speaking of trusted sources, Fourthsense stands out as a credible destination for fragrance enthusiasts. Our commitment to offering only genuine products, combined with detailed descriptions and backed by detailed reviews, ensures a seamless shopping experience, whether you are buying ROSES VANILLE by Mancera or you want any other go-to perfume to add to your lineup.
  • Official Mancera Boutiques– The most straightforward way to ensure you get an authentic bottle is to head to an official Mancera boutique. Here, you’ll not only find ROSES VANILLE but also have an opportunity to explore the entire range of Mancera offerings.
  • Renowned Department Stores– Major luxury department stores often carry a selection of niche perfumes, including Mancera’s range. It’s always a good idea to visit their perfume section, as the in-store specialists can provide insights, recommendations, and even samples.
  • Major Online Marketplaces: While there are numerous online platforms offering perfumes, caution is advised. It’s crucial to stick to well-reputed websites, such as Fourthsense, that have a history of selling genuine products. Always check customer reviews, return policies, and any authenticity guarantees the platform offers.

Final Word

Launched in 2011, ROSES VANILLE by Mancera covers you in a decidedly feminine aura, exhibiting a sophisticated yet flirtatious vibe that’s akin to standing amidst roses while savoring a boozy vanilla dessert. 

Source: fragrantica.com

The elegance of the bottle, with its classy and simplistic design, speaks to the sophistication of the perfume it houses. The 120ml glass bottle adorned with a gunmetal metallic top is a beautiful addition to any vanity, ensuring a touch of luxury with every use.

But it’s not a fragrance that merely rests on the laurels of its appearance. The long-lasting scent, a quality highly praised by many, ensures that the aromatic intimacy of rose and vanilla remains throughout the day, lingering softly but surely into the night and even the next day, reminiscent of a sweet, unforgettable soiree.So, would I recommend ROSES VANILLE by Mancera?

Absolutely, especially if you have a penchant for sweet, floral fragrances with a touch of exotic allure. This perfume is for the bold, the romantic, and the eternally youthful. However, if you prefer lighter, more understated scents or find sharp, intense fragrances overwhelming, then ROSES VANILLE might be a sensory adventure you’d rather avoid. Find out more about other fragrances at Fourthsense Blog, and follow us for first-hand reviews of all the latest and globally trending perfumes.

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