Cologne For Men – Best of 2023

Discover the art of selecting the perfect men's cologne in 2023 with Delve into our handpicked selection of 48 top fragrances, ranging from invigorating citrus notes to deep woody tones, each uniquely embodying modern masculinity. Our guide is tailored for those seeking to make a personal statement through scent. Join us in exploring an olfactory universe where each fragrance not only complements your style but also tells your unspoken story. Embrace this journey through scents, where choosing your signature cologne becomes an expression of self-care and individuality.

Mancera ROSES VANILLE – An Aromatic World

Drawing from nature’s most beautiful symbol of love, the rose, Mancera has sought to confine its ethereal beauty and charm with ROSES VANILLE. The ‘Queen of Flowers’ has long been an inspiration for poets, artists, and now, perfumers. The nose behind ROSES VANILLA is Pierre Montale, who has over 170 fragrances in his portfolio.  So, ... Read more

How Are Fragrance Oils Extracted from Plants?

Whether it’s the invigorating aroma of fresh lavender fields or the sensual sandalwood, natural fragrances possess the power to evoke vivid memories, stir emotions, and paint vibrant scenes of nature in our minds. But have you ever paused to wonder how these captivating fragrances are harnessed from nature and bottled for our delight? The process ... Read more

Natural vs Synthetic Perfume Components

It’s an age-old debate about natural and synthetic components that still floats among aficionados. And it’s fair to say that most consider the raw, unfiltered embrace of nature above the precision and innovation of modern science, but did you ever think maybe these “all-natural” perfumes aren’t that natural at all? The word ‘natural’ has become ... Read more

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon: A Fragrant Delight for the Senses

Unbearably sweet scents often feel like they hit you with poor-quality chemical notes, but I also think cold spells of winter inspire us to try sweet and cozy gourmand fragrances. And with the holiday season just around the corner, V&R Bonbon will definitely be among my top recommendations for SWEETNESS. The 2014-launched Eau de Parfum ... Read more

Gucci Bloom – Garden Of Fragrance in 2023

Jasmine fragrance fans may feel like they are looking for a needle in a haystack when tracking down a reasonably priced yet high-quality option. But surprisingly, in 2017, Gucci released a mind-blowing collection of the debut designer’s jasmine scents that I most anticipated, as did many perfume lovers. Everyone knows that these ultimate jasmine notes ... Read more
stronger with you absolutely discontinued featured image

Armani’s Stronger With You Absolutely Discontinued in US

In a surprising twist, Emporio Armani has decided to stop selling its popular perfume, “Stronger With You Absolutely,” in the United States. This move has left many people puzzled, as this fragrance had become quite popular since it was first released. Previous month I reached out directly to Armani’s house asking them to verify the ... Read more
stronger with you intensely discontinued

Officially Discontinued: Armani Stronger With You Intensely

The first flanker of the very popular Stronger With You line by Emporio Armani was Stronger With You Intensely which came out in 2019. At the time, Armani demonstrated to all other designer fragrance houses how fragrance producers should listen to their audience and their feedback. Stronger With You truly achieved great success, but it ... Read more

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