About Fourth Sense

Fourth Sense is a fragrance review website, created with a mission to transform the feeling of smelling the fragrance first time into words. It was created at the beginning of 2021, and since then it’s publishing new reviews every day.

Ultimate goal of Fourth Sense is to be a go-to place for everyone who seeks any type of information related to fragrance world.

You want to buy a fragrance as a gift to you family member, boyfriend of girlfriend, just a friend or colleague?

Or you want to buy it for yourself but not sure which one should you get?

You starting a collection and don’t know where to start?

Or you just want to know performances of fragrances by someone who tested them on their own skin?

Fourth Sense is a place where you can find all those information.

It was founded by Vladan X (full name Vladan X Ubiparip), a fragrance expert who has been in the fragrance world since 2015. Vladan reviewed hundreds of fragrances on Fourth Sense and does his best every day to provide valuable information fragrance related. You can read more about him here.

Idea behind Fourth Sense is that there’s simply not enough information about fragrances online. People were buying fragrances without actually knowing what were they buying because most reviews were usually based about people’s personal input without facts and information related to that fragrance.

Today, Fourth Sense strives to provide as much information as it can about certain fragrances or house brand.

For all inquiries you can contact bizworksonly@gmail.com