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Company History: Fourth Sense Fragrances

Founded at the onset of 2021, Fourth Sense emerged not just as another fragrance review platform but as an endeavor with a profound mission. It aspired to eloquently translate that indescribable first sensory experience of smelling a fragrance into relatable words. With new reviews blossoming on the site daily, it underscores a steadfast dedication to the olfactory universe.

The catalyst for Fourth Sense’s inception was the observable void in comprehensive online information about fragrances. While the digital realm was not devoid of reviews, many were heavily subjective, offering personal biases and omitting the essential facts and intricate details about the fragrances. Consequently, many fragrance enthusiasts were navigating a scent-laden labyrinth, often selecting fragrances without fully grasping their essence.

Enter Fourth Sense—a beacon for all, from the novice nose to the seasoned scent connoisseur. Whether you’re contemplating gifting a fragrance, indecisive about which aroma resonates with your soul, initiating a fragrance collection, or seeking genuine, skin-tested fragrance performance reviews, Fourth Sense promises insights.

Founded by Vladan X—a fragrance virtuoso since 2015—his profound expertise is evident in the hundreds of meticulously crafted reviews adorning the site. Each piece bears testament to his commitment to presenting readers with genuine, fact-based insights into various fragrances and house brands. Immerse yourself further in Vladan’s olfactory odyssey here.

2023 heralded a new chapter for Fourth Sense with Andreas M. taking the reins. As the new owner, Andreas’ passion for perfumes is no less fervent. His profound affinity for scents promises to elevate Fourth Sense’s vision, ensuring its continued flourishing in the fragrance realm.

Among the luminaries shaping Fourth Sense’s narrative is Aarooshi S. A seasoned content maven, she boasts expertise spanning various domains. Yet, her heart finds its rhythm in the world of perfumes and fragrances. With Aarooshi, readers embark on a fragrant journey, traversing the intricate history and evolving trends of the industry. Her aromatic tales, crafted with finesse, are designed to resonate with the aficionados and the everyday individual alike. Beyond her writer’s quill, Aarooshi’s ardor for fragrances is palpable in her extensive personal collection and the countless hours she immerses herself in at perfume ateliers.

As Fourth Sense continues its ascent, it remains rooted in its unwavering aspiration: to stand as the quintessential online sanctuary for fragrance-related discourse, where empirical facts seamlessly meld with personal experiences.

Mission and Vision: Essence of Fourth Sense

Mission: At Fourth Sense, our mission is simple yet profound: to bridge the gap between the ethereal world of fragrances and the tangible realm of understanding. We endeavor to offer our audience meticulously crafted, comprehensive reviews that aren’t just based on subjective inclinations but are woven with empirical facts and genuine experiences. Every review is a commitment—a promise to guide, inform, and empower the reader, ensuring they not only choose a fragrance but resonate with its essence.

Vision: Looking ahead, our vision for Fourth Sense is to be the global epicenter for fragrance wisdom and insights. We aspire to be the first port of call for every fragrance enthusiast, collector, and novice alike—transcending borders and touching hearts. As we continue our aromatic journey, we strive to evolve and adapt, ensuring every narrative not only echoes the trends of the fragrance world but also sets them. We envision a community where olfactory experiences are shared, celebrated, and cherished, continually reaffirming our commitment to authenticity, expertise, and passion in the world of perfumes.

Team Introduction: The Pillars of Fourth Sense

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Vladan X

The founder of Fourth Sense, Vladan laid the foundation for this esteemed fragrance review portal in 2021.

With his immersion in the fragrance universe since 2015, he has critiqued hundreds of scents on Fourth Sense.

Every day, he dedicates himself to sharing invaluable insights about everything fragrance-related, upholding the site’s integrity and comprehensive approach.

Andreas M

The new torchbearer of Fourth Sense, Andreas took the reins in 2023.

His passion for perfumes is no less profound than his predecessor.

Infusing a fresh perspective and an equal dedication to the olfactory arts, Andreas aims to elevate Fourth Sense’s presence in the fragrance community, ensuring that the site continues to flourish and evolve under his stewardship.

Aarooshi S

The pen behind many of Fourth Sense’s enchanting narratives, Aarooshi brings her seasoned expertise in content creation across diverse niches.

Yet, it’s her profound love for the world of fragrances where her prose truly blossoms. With each piece, she offers readers a journey through the deep history and emerging trends of the perfume industry.

Beyond her written contributions, Aarooshi’s genuine passion is evident in her extensive personal fragrance collection and the countless hours she invests at perfume ateliers.

Her commitment is to make the aromatic tales resonate, not just with perfume aficionados, but with everyone who cherishes the magic of scents.

Together, this dedicated team is committed to ensuring Fourth Sense remains the pinnacle of fragrance knowledge, experience, and passion.

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