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Just before 2021 ended, as a New Year’s present, the house of Dior released its newest flanker of the original Dior Homme, the fourth batch but a different iteration. 

I am not even sure if we can call it “new” since Dior Homme Sport has been out since 2008, but during that period, it has been reformulated three times; the question popped out — will the 2021 release be the best and the last flanker of the Sport edition? 

In this post, we’ll fully review Dior Homme Sport, all reformulations (including the last one), what it smells like, how it performs, and is it really worth it.

dior homme sport
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What Does Dior Homme Sport Smell Like?

Dior Homme Sport 2021 has a prominent lemony-bergamot fresh opening with interesting aldehydes touch and aromatic, woody, and ambery dry-down.

According to Dior, olfactive notes are:

Top notes:

  • Lemon
  • Bergamot from Calabria
  • Aldehydes

Heart notes:

  • Elemi
  • Pink pepper

Base notes: 

  • Woody notes
  • Olibanum 
  • Amber

It is important to emphasize that the Dior Homme Sport is actually the flanker of the newest Dior Homme that has been reformulated as well, in 2020. 

If you had a chance to smell or wear any older release of Dior Homme, you probably know that the Homme line was all about the iris note. Years later, Dior house decided to try something different and challenging. 

As for now, we have Dior Homme’s latest release with no iris note in it, and the Dior Homme Sport 2021/2022 also broke the tradition with a lack of that floral, lipstick nuance. 

dior homme sport notes pyramid
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Dior Homme Sport 2021 opens with a strong and prominent blast of lemon. It is impossible not to detect this fresh, bright, and cheerful aroma. After a couple of minutes, the bergamot comes out and you get a really light, citrusy combination.

What actually surprised me is the noteworthy nuance of aldehydes that pops out immediately when the burst of lemon calms down. It almost feels like the lemony-bergamot mixture is fighting with an abstract soapy aldehydes note. 

That interesting, light and vibrant feel is present all the way until the mid dry-down when the citrusy strength loosens up a bit and the notes in the background take the wheel. 

We have elemi and pink pepper note in the middle notes, and I can’t say that the scent doesn’t have a slightly spicy, balsamic feel to it, because it does, especially when the fragrance sits closer to the skin. 

Once it gets to the final dry-down is the moment the scent gains a prominent woody, ambery, almost earthy scent and it kind of feels mysterious and sophisticated. With traces of citrusy from the opening, it smells fantastic! 

Since we are talking about the Sport release, we do expect it to be a fresh, bright, and light mixture, which we got in the opening. Dior Homme Sport takes a different turn once it goes into the dry-down which may be the biggest difference between Dior Homme Sport 2021 and earlier releases.

How Long Does Dior Homme Sport Last?

Dior Homme Sport has an average performance – it will last around 6 to 7 hours, while it will project well in the first hour or so. 

Performance may be a turn-off for some people since we all love our fragrances to last for eternity, but unfortunately not every perfume is bound to be a performance beast. 

Since we are talking about the fragrance that is supposed to serve as a casual, sporty scent, I have no problem with it lasting for 6 to 7 hours. If you decide to wear it to the gym, you will take the shower after the training either way, so it shouldn’t be a big of an issue. 

When it comes to the projection, Dior Homme Sport 2021 could have been better since it projects great in the first half an hour to one hour. Its light and vibrant nature will get you many compliments in that specific period, but once it sits to the skin, it will be present but not in such a strong dose.  

When To Wear Dior Homme Sport 2021?

Dior Homme Sport is a versatile fragrance made for summer, spring, and slightly warmer fall days. It is a casual, informal fragrance that can serve as your everyday refresher. 

Dior Homme Sport has a wide versatility when it comes to the suitable seasons; you can wear it during summer heats, pleasant spring temperatures, and warmer, fall transitions. 

I wouldn’t recommend wearing Dior Homme Sport 2021 during colder, chillier days, and even though it gets woody at a certain point, it doesn’t have that warm, leathery, and sweet feel that we are looking for in winter fragrances. 

In the terms of the occasions, this fragrance also has an advantage since it is suitable for almost any day event – gym, casual walk, coffee break, work, etc. 

As the name suggests, it is absolutely an excellent choice for any sports activity, but it will also do great for any casual, informal event as well. 

I wouldn’t call Dior Homme Sport (any release) a formal, night fragrance but it isn’t even supposed to be. That is why we have a Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense, and the Parfum release as well and they are all gorgeous. 

How Many Sprays Of Dior Homme Sport Is Enough?

5-6 sprays of Dior Homme Sport are more than enough for this fragrance to open and perform as it should.

Dior Homme Sport 2021 is a light, fresh and vibrant scent that doesn’t contain a heaviness or richness to support the high-quality composition. That is the reason you may need more sprays than you would need for Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense. 

To achieve the best possible results, apply your fragrances on the pulse point, right after showering, and let your skin do the rest: 2 sprays behind your ears, 1 spray in the dip of your collarbone, 2 sprays on your wrist, and 1 spray behind your head. 

You can apply fewer sprays as well if you will be taking a shower right after the training so you know that you don’t need it to last more than a couple of hours. 

dior homme sport artistic image
Image source: Dior

Evolution of Dior Homme Sport — All Batches Comparison

House of Dior took the sport-inspired fragrance category to another level, so now we have 4 completely different but individually beautiful scents to choose from, and it became a tough challenge. 

Dior Homme Sport was initially launched in 2008, but obviously, Dior’s masters realized that they could do better. Thanks to them, we have enough options to pick our perfect, casual scent, but how to choose? 

For those of you that haven’t smelled any of the previous releases or who only got a chance to try one, I want to briefly share some details about each of them. Hopefully, this short guide will help you realize which of these scents your nose will enjoy the most. 

Dior Homme Sport 2008

Dior Homme Sport 2008 started this citrusy-oriented, fresh, and casual scents, and the rest of them just followed. 

It opens with a perfectly blended mix of bergamot, grapefruit, and Amalfi lemon, with a slight touch of gingery effect and shadow of woody notes. 

It dries down to cedar and vetiver which makes the whole composition very masculine, fresh, clean, and uplifting. You may also detect a warm spiciness from the lavender that beautifully joins the whole composition. 

Dior Homme Sport 2008 could have been a perfect, sporty scent, with its good versatility and fresh aroma, but the issue lies in its uniqueness. Or lack of one.

Dior Homme Sport 2008 is not a very unique scent, especially since it has been out for 14 years now, and many designer’s fragrances smell very similar to this one. Also, it became pretty hard to find it on the market. 

Dior Homme Sport 2012

Dior Homme Sport 2012 is a real, traditional flanker of the original Dior Homme that contains a lipstick touch of the iris note. 

Just like its predecessor, this one also opens with the blast of citrus, but this time you will get a prominent, citron note with the effect of the ginger flower. 

After only a couple of minutes, the citrus effect calms down and you get that recognizable iris note that makes the scent powdery, woody, and slightly earthy effect. 

Iris note does remind you of the lipstick, but in this composition is very well blended that you won’t get bothered with it, just the opposite; Dior Homme Sport 2012 may be the most adored one of these older batches. 

The dry-down gets woodier because of the cedar nuance from the base, it combines nicely with the iris note and stays like that for the rest of the fragrance lifespan. 

You can get around 6 hours of longevity and one hour of great performance but keep in mind that this is a light, fresh scent made for warmer days, so we can’t expect much more. 

Dior Homme Sport 2017

Followed by earlier versions, Dior Homme Sport 2017 came as a fresh, (again) citrusy-oriented scent that was inspired by a fast and dynamic lifestyle. 

Dior Homme Sport 2017 was supposed to be a more sophisticated, sexier, and urban nonchalance but I am not sure that it lived up to people’s expectations. 

This invigorating scent opens with blood orange, grapefruit, and lemon with effervescent and citrusy, prominent effects. This phase lasts for about half an hour when other ingredients steal the show. 

We get a pink pepper which has a spicy and rosy scent, and at that moment the vetiver from the base also starts showing giving a woody hint to it. 

The dry-down is a more woody-oriented smell with sandalwood and traces of vetiver, the scent remains fresh, clean, green, uplifting, and slightly spicy. 

You get a solid 5 to 6 hours of longevity and around 1 hour of good projection, which is more than fine for light scents like Dior Homme Sport 2017.

Where To Buy Dior Homme Sport 2021?

The best place to buy Dior Homme Sport 2021 is a local perfumery that is an authorized reseller of the Dior brand. If you’re buying online, the best place to buy Dior Homme Sport is FragranceNet.

Being able to smell a fragrance before you buy it is exactly why I always advise visiting a local perfumery. You will be able to test it on your skin, see for yourself how it works for you, and if you decide that’s it, you can have it right away.

However, if you decide to buy Dior Homme Sport online (which is a pretty safe blind buy, as the perfume is very likable) the best place to do so is FragranceNet.

I personally get almost all of my perfumes from FragranceNet, and I never had a single issue — they always deliver on time, and they deliver original fragrances.

Besides FragranceNet, I found this perfume multiple times on Amazon. However, I never managed to verify how trustworthy sources on Amazon are in this case. There were no reviews, no ratings, and Amazon wasn’t the one fulfilling the orders. That usually means it’s fake, but maybe I’m wrong. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend getting it from Amazon this time — if something changes in the meantime, I’ll update the post.

In reality, you can get Dior Homme Sport in multiple online shops. Some of them are trustworthy some of them are for nothing but avoiding. To know where you’re perfectly safe, check out our post on the best places to buy fragrances online.


dior homme sport bottles
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Just like the previous releases, Dior Homme Sport 2021 comes in a simplistic, transparent, classy bottle with slightly rounded corners and a black cap. 

The juice is slightly orange which looks very nice and elegant; one minimalistic design with the name of the line written on the cap and the red, “Sport” label at the bottom of the bottle. 

The atomizer also works well, and the cap sits in place. All in all, one really well done and gorgeous presentation. 

It is available in two sizes: 

  • 44ml (2.5 oZ)
  • 133ml (4.5 oZ)

Conclusion – Is Dior Homme Sport Worth It?

Considering the price, uniqueness, scent, but also performance, the final verdict would be that Dior Homme Sport is worth trying.

In general, it’s a likable scent, recognizable scent, and you can wear it on many occasions where it will be able to deliver whatever it’s needed.

I used to like the 2012 release the most, and now when 2021 came out, I am not really sure what to feel.

I find all these Dior Homme Sport batches wonderful fragrances that justified the purpose they were initially created for but in reality, they did much more than that. 

Each of these scents could be your casual, day-to-day option, something that you will apply without thinking twice, so saying that any of these editions is the best would be imprecise. 

Since the latest Dior Homme Sport came only recently, it will take some more time before I decide which one is perfect for me. But, now when you read more about each release, you may already be able to tell which batch is made for you. 

Dior Homme Sport 2021 is a noteworthy scent that may be more sophisticated, more elegant, and woodier than its anchors, it has a wide versatility, good performance, and likable nature. 

Did you try any of the Homme Sport versions?

Which one do you like the best?

Let’s talk in the comments below!