Gucci Guilty Pour Femme: Allure of Sensuality and Provocative Scents— 2023 Review

Not many luxury brands have held a special place in my heart, but Gucci Guilty Pour Femme made me fall head over heels on the first whiff. The iconic Italian brand has consistently stood at the forefront of style and innovation, and you may associate Gucci primarily with fashion, but for me, their fragrances have … Read more

Gucci Bloom – The Ultimate Garden Of Fragrance in 2023

Jasmine fragrance fans may feel like they are looking for a needle in a haystack when trackingdown a reasonably priced yet high-quality option. But surprisingly, in 2017, Gucci released a mind-blowing collection of the debut designer’sjasmine scents that I most anticipated, as did many perfume lovers. Everyone knows thatthese ultimate jasmine notes are extremely expensive … Read more

Giorgio Armani My Way – Detailed In-Depth Review in 2023

giorgio armani my way featured image

If you ever studied the history of art even for a little bit, you’ve likely seen that some of the biggest artworks came out of inspiration from women. Truth be told, that inspiration will never vanish, and even today we can see amazing pieces crafted from it. One of the latest great examples: a fragrance … Read more

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet by Dior – Full Review in 2023

miss dior blooming bouquet featured image

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry, Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy, Ex Nihilo’s Lust in Paradise… Those are just a few of the most popular fragrances magnificent Louise Turner created, and her only creation for house of Dior is one of the best-selling fragrances Dior currently offers. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a flanker of the Miss Dior … Read more

24 Best Summer Fragrances & Perfumes For Women in 2023

Best Summer Fragrances For Women in 2023 featured image

Summer is the ultimate season for light, floral and fresh scents. High temperatures definitely play a major role in a fragrance’s performance so it’s very important to pick a scent you like while being sure it will perform and last properly even when the heats are unbearable. That being said, we had to make the … Read more

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc (EDP) – Review in 2023

tom ford soleil blanc featured image

Dream summer vacation often reminds us of white sand, beautiful beaches, turquoise blue water, and evening cocktail parties. If a scenario such as that could have a scent I personally would think of Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. Soleil Blanc (eau de parfum) came out in 2016 under the “Private Blend” collection and is an interpretation … Read more

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid — Better Than Black? Full 2022 Review

tom ford velvet orchid featured image

This orchid showpiece was released in 2014 (of course as eau de parfum), as a flanker of the original Black Orchid, and since the Black edition experienced a real blast, for the Velvet Orchid the expectations were set high. It’s either you fall in love, or you hate both of these fragrances. But, what I … Read more

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia — Worth Its Name? 2023 Review

acqua di gioia featured image

Giorgio Armani experienced a real blast when in 1996 they released the first line of Acqua Di Gio for men. Justifiably, that masterpiece held the title of a bestseller for many years, so it came as a surprise that it took 14 years for Giorgio Armani to release the women’s version.  In 2010, Acqua Di … Read more

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love — Detailed 2023 Review

marc jacobs daisy love featured image

The original masterpiece called Daisy by Marc Jacobs was released back in 2007 and there is a mystery veil wrapped around it to this day. The question remains — Was the original Daisy really that amazingly breathtaking that it deserved a best-seller title for all these years, or, the bottle just looks too adorable to … Read more

20 Best Winter Fragrances For Women in 2023

best winter fragrances for women

Winter is the time of the year when we are all looking for a cozy, pleasant, and welcoming scent that will warm us up on these chilly days.  Taking into consideration all the new masterpieces but not forgetting the iconic, older monsters, I created a list of top 20 winter fragrances for women that will … Read more