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In 2015 Xerjoff presented the new line called 1861 – a homage to the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification.

Line 1861 was presented in Milan’s Esxence exhibition, and it initially had 3 fragrances – “Renaissance” as the memory of one of the most beautiful periods of times in Italy, “Zefiro” which celebrates the eternal Rome, and “Naxos” – the heart and soul of Sicily.

Almost 10 years later, it goes without saying that Xerjoff Naxos had the greatest success and remains one of the best-rated and most popular fragrances that Xerjoff ever produced.

But why? What actually makes it so special? Is it really worth the hype that comes with a hefty price? Read on!

xerjoff naxos notes in real life

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What Does Xerjoff Naxos Smell Like?

Xerjoff Naxos smells very alluring, warm, spicy, and sweet whereas the most dominant notes are tobacco and honey.

According to Xerjoff, olfactory notes are:

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender
  • Heart notes: Jasmine Sambac, Cinnamon, Honey, Cashmere
  • Base notes: Tobacco leaf, Tonka beans, Vanilla

Right off the bat, the zesty scent of bergamot and lemon are dominant in the opening but lavender is also very much noticeable. Since citrusy notes are known for their short lifespan, lavender is actually what gives it a more natural and aromatic vibe and makes the opening last in the background even after the heart and base notes open.

After the initial zesty scent from the top passes, the heart opens up with the dominant honey that gives the fragrance very unique sweetness.

The combination of jasmine and cinnamon is very interesting where floral touch mixes with a warm and slightly spicy scent. It almost gives. it a bit gourmandy feel.

The base is actually what gives away the true DNA of Naxos – tobacco leaf, supported by vanilla and tonka beans.

Speaking of DNA I would say the keynotes are definitely tobacco leaf and honey, while others shape and color the scent with their attributes.

Drydown is actually what makes Naxos incredibly alluring – as time passes, it only gets better and better. It goes deeper and deeper but it never becomes heavy.

Even though just by looking at the base, one could say it’s pretty heavy, but when you wear it, Naxos remains light, it doesn’t have a heaviness to it at all.

Another noteworthy thing about the scent is that it is incredibly solid – whatever you sense while smelling it, it will not go away and it will linger until the entire scent becomes skin scent.

Xerjoff Naxos is declared as unisex and rest assured that unisex scent is exactly what you’re getting. It doesn’t lean on any gender more than on the other, and both men and women can easily pull it off. On women’s skin, honey sweetness will be a bit highlighted, while on men’s skin, tobacco note will be a bit more dominant.

It’s safe to say that Xerjoff Naxos is one of the most mass-appealing niche fragrances in the world, even to this day.

It’s safe, it’s alluring and captivating, it’s sweet and gourmandy, it’s literally everything you’d want from a fragrance – you will easily capture the attention (and compliments) of others, it’s super non-offensive, and the blend is simply incredible.

When it comes to the uniqueness of the scent, we’d rate it 8.5/10 – it’s easily recognizable, and it has a strong and solid DNA, but truth be told if you have rich experience with fragrances and perfumes, then you likely smelled something similar to Naxos before.

One of the most common comparisons in scent is with Mugler’s A*Man Pure Havane which came out 4 years prior to Naxos.

Xerjoff Naxos vs. Mugler A*Man Pure Havane – Differences & Similarities

This part is actually what you, the readers, wanted to hear about in particular when researching the scent of Naxos.

Mugler’s A*Man Pure Havane is much more affordable and it has a longer history than Naxos, and knowing that, it’s logical that one would want to know the differences.

What makes these two similar is actually the most dominant notes they both possess – tobacco leaf and honey. However, due to the positioning and blend of those notes, the scent is actually not that similar.

What separates the two is actually the dry down and a few other things:

  • Opening of Pure Havane is dirty as tobacco is on the top, and patchouli gives it that earthiness, while Naxos has a juicy citrusy opening
  • Pure Havane is darker and goes much deeper while Naxos is light and bright, and its depths are different
  • Naxos has tobacco in a more subtle way while Pure Havane prioritizes the tobacco

Their performance also differed, and so does the price.

So in conclusion, yes, they are somewhat similar. However, rest assured that the differences are big which make both fragrances have high uniqueness and recognizability score.

xerjoff naxos with original box

How Long Does Xerjoff Naxos Last?

On average, Xerjoff Naxos lasts for over 12 hours while projecting very well for the first 4 hours.

Is there anything better than a mass-appealing fragrance with a huge compliment-getting factor that lasts forever?

To me, there isn’t, and that’s exactly the case with Naxos – it’s a performance beast!

Since this is a very solid scent that only evolves and amplifies its properties as time passes by, you can expect it to last at least 10 hours on your skin. Its longevity is amazing also due to the amount of raw materials used as raw materials always last longer than aroma chemicals.

Naxos last has extremely powerful projection and sillage. Projection is easily 4 hours (I personally got 6) on beast mode and it projects 6 feet away. Sillage leaves a very rich and potent scent trail behind you, and rest assured that everyone will be able to sense it.

For a fragrance such as this on pricepoint such as this, performance plays a huge role in its success, and we can verify that performance in this case did the best to push Naxos to become one of the most popular niche fragrances in the world.

How Many Sprays Should You Apply?

2-3 sprays of Xerjoff Naxos is just the right amount in order to reach optimal performance.

There truly is no need for overapplying potent and powerful fragrances such as Naxos.

A couple of sprays are all you need – one on each side of your neck, and one behind your head to boost the sillage.

If you want, you can add a few more sprays on the pulse points, but bear in mind that you don’t really need them because everyone will sense these two.

Definitely make sure to avoid applying multiple sprays on the same spot as that will only cause the fragrance not to open and perform as it should.

xerjoff naxos xj 1861

When To Wear Xerjoff Naxos?

The best time to wear Xerjoff Naxos is during fall and winter, but its vast versatility allows it to easily be a year-round fragrance.

Sweetness and earthiness in scent always work perfectly during colder days when temperatures are under 65°F because they act warm and cozy.

However, the incredible blend in Naxos gives it huge versatility, which furthermore allows this fragrance to act perfectly during any season – on cold fall and winter days it will act warm and cozy, while spring and summer time will tolerate that sweetness and embrace the light and bright tones of citruses from opening that never actually perish.

I’d just recommend avoiding high heat when the temperature is above 35°F as those times can push that sweetness even more and the scent may become a bit suffocating and overpowering. Besides that, you can wear it in any condition, easily.

When it comes to occasion, versatility again plays a huge role, where you can pull off Naxos anywhere, anytime.

To be fair, I wouldn’t recommend casual wear since Xerjoff should really be a purposed fragrance brand. So if you just want to smell good while watching a TV show, then avoid Naxos, as it makes no sense.

But for any other occasion such as work/office, date night, night out with friends, or daytime friend/family gathering, Naxos will serve you perfectly.

In order to understand best for which occasion to wear Xerjoff Naxos, know that the fragrance is alluring, relaxing, and intoxicating to anyone smelling it around you. It’s a perfect attention grabber so my most logical recommendation should be crowded events for catching eyes with someone.

In general, it’s best that you test it for yourself and see where it fits best for you. However, one is sure – wherever you imagine it would fit, it will most certainly fit!

Where To Buy Xerjoff Naxos?

The best place to buy Xerjoff Naxos is one of Xerjoff’s 18 boutiques in Europe or an authorized reseller of the Xerjoff brand in the US. If you’re buying online, FragranceNet, Notino, and MicroPerfumes are the best options.

Buying the fragrance in a physical store allows you to test it immediately in order to figure out whether should you buy it. And that testing is always free.

However, if no boutique is near you, or you simply prefer getting fragrances online (like me), then there are several options.

If you’re from the US, we recommend getting it from FragranceNet – we partnered with them a long time ago, and I personally get all my fragrances for them. They’ve been a part of the fragrance business for over 25 years, and you can easily catch discounts and sales.

xerjoff naxos original packaging

If you’re from the UK, I recommend getting it from Notino as you probably already know they are one of the most trustworthy sources in the country.

Another good resource in the UK is The Perfume Shop, so you can check it there as well.

Buy Xerjoff Naxos (XJ 1861)

Where To Buy Xerjoff Naxos Sample?

If you’re not sure about getting a full bottle, you might be interested in testing the Xerjoff Naxos sample.

The best place where you can buy Naxos samples is MicroPerfumes, as they usually have it in stock, and their shipping is pretty fast. I’ve ordered multiple times from them and never had the issue.

When ordering always be super cautious and always make sure that you’re buying from trustworthy sources that sell original fragrances. That way you will avoid being a scammer or even worse, ending up with serious skin conditions after testing fake fragrances. Check out our post on the best and worst places to buy fragrances from.

Packing & Presentation

Xerjoff Naxos is presented with packaging and presentation that aligns with its luxurious nature. The outer box of Xerjoff Naxos is crafted with attention to detail, featuring a sleek design and premium materials. The box exudes a sense of elegance with its refined finish, which sets the tone for the fragrance experience that awaits inside.

The bottle of Xerjoff Naxos showcases a classic and sophisticated design. It is carefully crafted with precision, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality. The bottle itself is made of high-quality glass, providing a solid and weighty feel in the hand. The design is timeless and harmonious, capturing the essence of the fragrance it holds. The cap, adorned with the Xerjoff emblem, adds a touch of luxury to the overall presentation.

The overall presentation of Xerjoff Naxos conveys a sense of exclusivity and refinement. The packaging and design choices align with the brand’s reputation for luxury fragrances. While the design may not be groundbreaking, it exudes a sense of timelessness and elegance that is characteristic of Xerjoff. The attention to detail in the packaging and presentation enhances the overall experience of the fragrance, elevating it to a level befitting its status.

In summary, Xerjoff Naxos is presented in a packaging presentation that reflects its luxurious nature. The carefully crafted box and bottle design, along with the brand’s attention to detail, contribute to a sense of elegance and exclusivity. While the design may not break new ground, it upholds the high standards expected from Xerjoff. Overall, the packaging and presentation of Xerjoff Naxos enhance the overall fragrance experience, creating a visually appealing and sophisticated presentation.

Xerjoff Naxos is bottled only in one size – 3.4 fl oz or 100 ml bottle.

Conclusion – Is Xerjoff Naxos Worth It?

Considering the uniqueness, mass-appeal, and compliment-getting factor, performance, and versatility but also the price, yes, Xerjoff Naxos is very much worth it even in 2023.

This is easily one of the most appealing and liked fragrances in niche perfumery of all time.

As one of the perfumes said in one video about Naxos: “What’s there not to like?!”

Naxos is simply astonishing and its story about Sicily makes sense:

  • Sicily is famous for citruses such as bergamot and lemon embedded deep into Sicilian culture and cuisine
  • Honey and vanilla give a sweet note which may represent the sweet memory of home that the master perfumer wanted to bottle
  • Tobacco leaf may represent the Sicilian mafia as part of Sicily’s identity, picturing an Italian mafia boss smoking a cigar
  • Versatility is the metaphor of how versatile the people of Sicily are but Sicily itself too

…but these are just my thoughts and guesses.

Either way, Xerjoff Naxos is definitely something you should try and a fragrance that every collector, big or small, should have in their collection.

Did you try Naxos before?

Is there some other Xerjoff fragrance from 1861 you prefer more?

Let’s talk in the comments below!


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